Operations Research with EpiData Software

Please find here the old version of Part A using EpiData 3.1 for data entry (Version: March 15, 2015)

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Part A: Efficient, quality-assured data entry

Exercise and exercise name Task Solution
Title page: EpiData software for operations research in tuberculosis control pdf      
Background, objective, and course history pdf      
Preparatory steps before you begin pdf      
1 A data documentation sheet for a simple questionnaire pdf   pdf  
2 The QES-REC-CHK triplet pdf   pdf zip
3 Derived fields and Check file commands unrelated to a specific field pdf   pdf zip
4 Data entry and validation pdf   pdf zip
5 Using an external file for label blocks pdf zip pdf zip
6 Dealing with incomplete dates pdf   pdf zip
7 Keeping track of data entry time pdf pdf zip
8 Safely backing up and encrypting your data pdf   pdf zip
Obtain all exercises and solutions of Part A     pdf zip
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Last update: December 13, 2015