There are two types of publications on this site:


Mongraphs and books. You access these on another page which you access by clicking on the "Next" icon. On the opening page you find all monographs, grouped according to the five modules.

Books and monographs are available in (predominantly) English, some in French, some in Spanish, and few also in other languages (Chinese, Mongolian, Portuguese)

2) A selection of articles that might be considered "classics" that might be of interest to those pursuing a professional career in tuberculosis, spanning over 100 years
  Please note: All files are PDF files.  Thus you need Acrobat Reader to be able to read them.

Veuillez noter: Tous les fichiers sont dans le format PDF.  Vous avez donc besoin de l'Acrobat Reader pour leur lecture.

Se nota: todos los ficheros se encuentran en formato PDF. Para poder leerlos se necesita descargar Acrobat Reader
Monographs and books:
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